The Mormon Church has an interesting, controversial, deceiving, and even violent history. From the early days of the Church, certain facts were intentionally white washed in order to portray things in a seemingly more favorable light. In the Information Age, these facts have been brought to light to thousands of people be means of the Internet from sources other than the Church. In response, the Church has published a series of essays prudently and selectively addressing several of these topics. However, the essays are not well publicized or easily found. Whether from poor design and marketing or continued efforts to supress these facts, the essays seem to have been burried deep in the Church’s website. Motivations aside, Mormon Essays was created to gather and display links to all the essays in one easy to find location.

Mormon Essays was not originally started as a project from the Truth & Transparency Foundation but operations have recently transitioned. If any mistake or error is found, please feel free to report it by contacting us.